2020 April SIM ELIT Roundtable

2020 April SIM ELIT Roundtable

Integress was honored to lead the SIM ELIT Philadelphia roundtable on ‘Accelerating Data Analytics and Insights Through New Thinking in these Uncertain Times’!

It was a great (virtual) discussion with nearly 20 Technology Executives last week.

We talked about how resistances to innovative Cloud technologies has nearly gone away, allowing for unprecedented opportunities.  In these challenging times, the balance between risk aversion and change has shifted rapidly.  Now, speed to actionable insights that affect the top- and bottom-lines are more important and urgently needed.

It was discussed that peers in the C-Suite are now more accepting of using Cloud technologies. They have changed their mindset were decisions with good but not perfect data in urgently needed and better than the paralysis of no decisions at all.

Lastly, we spoke about applying rapid-prototyping techniques to Data & Analytics by leveraging born-in-the-Cloud vendors like #Snowflake (DWH), #Sigma (BI) and #Matillion (ELT). By getting the decision makers access to data quickly, actions that affect 2020 numbers can be made that may just turn into a sustainable competitive advantage that few competitors will be able to match for a long, long while.

About Integress

Integress, the Philadelphia-based Data Analytics Company, helps companies understand, build and accelerate their Cloud Data Ecosystem, Machine Learning and AI capabilities.  

Through a combination of business consulting to the C-Suite and deep data expertise, we deliver measurable value from our client’s data assets that meet business outcomes of increasing revenue and profit, creating new revenue streams, gaining competitive advantages, and becoming customer-centric. 

Since 1998, we have been a trusted voice working alongside CxOs to meet corporate goals that leverage data as a strategic asset, while accelerating time to market, reducing execution risk and ensuring business-to-IT alignment.