Azure DataFest: Microsoft accelerates its AI-powered platform

Azure DataFest: Microsoft accelerates its AI-powered platform

Although AWS has a higher market share, Microsoft is rapidly gaining. On Friday, May 17th Integress sponsored Microsoft’s Azure DataFest in Malvern, PA and they showed the over 100 participants why they are a major player in the Cloud Data & Analytics space.

Unlike AWS, Microsoft’s strategy is to vertically integrate many technologies to provide a frictionless platform for Data & Analytics. Azure’s capabilities are shortening the time and cost to realize value of data assets by reducing complexity and increasing automation. This is rapidly becoming a game-changer as organizations can leverage analytics to “move-the-needle” and affect top- and bottom-lines while gaining a competitive advantage.

Make sure you check out Azure’s SQL Data Warehouse and SQL Database for data storage and processing, Data Factory for data movement, processing and orchestration, Azure Machine Learning (building and automating ML), AutoML in PowerBI, Data Bricks (for model processing), and MLOps (DevOps for Machine Learning). This is an exciting time to be in data & analytics.

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