Data Evolution Services

Data Evolution Services

Our data life cycle support plugs any data enablement gap

From strategic planning to plan execution to complete data life cycle support—or at any point needed to plug gaps along your evolution to monetizing data, our Data Evolution Services deliver the most comprehensive onsite experience.

At its fullest utilization, Data Evolution Services offer:

  • A comprehensive 11-point assessment of your data management and BI environment
  • Data strategy planning in collaboration with your business and IT leaders, resulting in a strategic program/project roadmap
  • Execution of the roadmap, either entirely by Integress professionals or in collaboration with in-house IT staff, which more than just IT data services includes mentoring IT and business users on the latest best practices in data management and leveraging analytics capabilities
  • Ongoing life cycle support of data systems, data quality and consistency, and applying analytics to solve new business challenges

Many organizations are still without the necessary resources, knowledge and skill sets in-house to organize, manage and monetize their data. The expertise to understand where they are and where they need to go from the perspectives of data access, analysis, usage and management do not exist. Even if their data systems and practices have evolved tactically, they need to be modernized and matured.

BI software alone is no magic bullet for analyzing data across multiple systems with disparate data formats, data inconsistencies and systems that don’t “talk” to each other, as “go it alone” organizations soon learn. You should want Integress to achieve your data utilization goals with a more streamlined, more focused, faster and less expensive approach.

Advantages of Data Evolution Services

Unlike strategy-only management consulting firms, Integress follows with roadmap execution as well.

  • Strategy & planning must be prudent, practical and within your means, since we’re also accountable for execution.
  • We have no incentive to extend the strategy engagement (eating up IT budget) for another firm or in-house staff to implement. Instead, we bring proprietary methodologies and tools to accelerate the process.

Unlike other IT service providers, Integress invests all of its resources to excel exclusively in hands-on data enablement. We’re in the trenches with your IT and business teams.

Specific senior-level resources available from Integress can be leveraged by clients on a partial or short-term basis, which for many organizations is more practical than having to hire and retain comparable full-time FTEs. These Integress resources also mentor and help build the knowledge and skills of existing staff.

Handoff from strategy & planning to implementation is seamless for both your business leaders and IT staff, since our C-level strategists maintain executive oversight of the execution team.

C-suite objectives carry though in IT and into your business with team building that unifies and energizes your organization behind your data initiatives.

Ongoing evolution of your data practice to continually expand your capabilities for generating revenue and efficiencies by growing a data-driven culture throughout your enterprise.


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