Managed Data Services

Managed Data Services

Have Integress manage your data for you to leverage it

The many obstacles to overcome with implementing and maintaining sound data management for data analysis and monetization can be overwhelming or just not practical for many organizations. Our Managed Data Services support all of the many aspects of getting clean, consistent data to your business users on a continuing basis.

Managed Data Services offer:

  • All benefits of Data Evolution Services and/or Quick Value Service
  • Execution of the mutually agreed data strategy roadmap using a combination of Integress professionals and your data SMEs, onsite or remotely
  • Ongoing life cycle support of data management, governance, quality and consistency, analytics and business priorities
  • Routine reporting of data to business users, all services rendered and milestones achieve

Managed Data Services allow your organization to delay or totally avoid the costs of attracting and retaining specialized IT staff for data management. Relying on Integress’ experienced professionals, you can focus on your core business and leverage data to improve competitiveness in changing market conditions without having to deal with the complexities of all the underlying data management tasks. Instead of data sourcing, integration and control challenges that would be new and load your existing IT staff, you can accelerate moving forward with your analytics and data monetization initiatives. Ongoing support ensures that once a data-driven objective is met, it continues to deliver results and grow in value to your organization.

Advantages of Managed Data Services

  • Avoids the costs of having to attract and retain highly demanded data scientists and related data management staff
  • Ensures data management and analytics are not affected internally by competing IT projects
  • Provides access to a deeper pool of experienced resources and more scalability to close the gap on larger competitors
  • Adds flexibility for changing business priorities and faster implementation of new data-driven initiatives
  • Options to adjust services over time (scale up, scale down, move offsite to onsite or onsite to offsite, migrate all or part of data management to in-house IT)
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