Improve Profit

Improve Profit

Through customer knowledge and more effective marketing

Regardless of your industry, there are a percentage of your customers who are highly profitable, a percentage that are marginally profitable, and a percentage that are not profitable. Each customer is a unique opportunity for targeted marketing to increase their value to your business.

Integress helps to accurately segment customers and provide insights in what each segment values most. We leverage (or show you how to leverage) analytics to assess and categorize each customer’s profitability – Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) – by segment and microsegments. This helps to inform your company where to spend marketing and product development dollars for best return on investment (ROI).

These efforts also help your company gain insights into how to move customers from a less profitable to a more profitable position.

By pairing this information with an analytic campaign evaluation framework, your organization can evaluate, prioritize and reliably forecast results and return on market investment (ROMI) of marketing campaigns.

Improving profits beyond basic customer retention and acquisition through cross-selling and upselling is based on detailed insights into customer, product/service, and marketing campaign data. By leveraging our experience, you can help your organization get the most out of its marketing budget.

Our specialty is data and that’s all we do

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    We help CxOs create, communicate and execute data strategies that align technology with business goals.
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    We leverage accelerators, methodologies and approaches across the entire data lifecycle. We have a deep pool of data management resources to deliver what you need when you need it.
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    We help evolve your company’s analytic curiosity and mentor your users on how to make data-driven decisions.

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