Increase Revenue

Increase Revenue

Through better retention and acquisition rates

The ability to acquire and retain customers generally means the difference between leaders and laggards in any industry. Typically, it costs less to retain customers than to acquire them. And the value of new acquisitions is less if only to replace lost customers versus adding to a stable, growing customer base.

Starting with customer retention, Integress helps companies improve on what they’re already doing right. We help reduce customer attrition by bringing you closer to your customers through analytical profiling, Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), segmentation and behavioral insights, such as buying patterns and which customers are most likely to leave. These efforts help guide proactive marketing actions and how best to reach out to customers for their continued business.

Many of the same tools for retaining customers apply to identifying, qualifying and attracting new customers as well. The more you know about customers and how they patronize your business, the more you can focus and personalize marketing initiatives for better results. These efforts are further complemented by understanding end-to-end campaign effectiveness and the ability to attribute marketing dollars to desired outcomes.

Valuable insights into customers and prospects can be hidden in data. By leveraging our experience, Integress helps you improve your data management and analytics capabilities to become a data-driven, customer-centric company.

Our specialty is data and that’s all we do

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    We help CxOs create, communicate and execute data strategies that align technology with business goals.
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    We leverage accelerators, methodologies and approaches across the entire data lifecycle. We have a deep pool of data management resources to deliver what you need when you need it.
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    We help evolve your company’s analytic curiosity and mentor your users on how to make data-driven decisions.

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