Company Overview

Company Overview

We’re focused on everything data

Since 1998 our team of consultants, analysts and data architects have been working with enterprises like yours. Our focus on your unique business objectives and data management & analytics capabilities offer your most reliable path to monetizing data for finding new revenue streams, increasing profit, gaining competitive advantage, and sustaining customer value.

We’re with you from the C-suite to the trenches

Unlike strategy-only management consulting firms, Integress follows with roadmap execution. And unlike other IT service providers, Integress specializes in data management and monetization.

We’re better for your unique situation

Our collaborative strategy & planning must be prudent and within your means, since we’re also accountable for execution. We have no incentive to extend the strategy engagement (eating up IT budget). In fact, we bring proprietary methodologies and tools to accelerate the process.

Handoff from strategy & planning to implementation is seamless for both your business leaders and IT staff, since our C-level strategists maintain executive oversight of the execution team.

Your C-suite objectives carry though IT and into your business with team building that unifies and energizes your organization behind your data initiatives. We mentor your IT team and business users to evolve their data maturity and to foster a data-driven culture throughout your enterprise.

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