Quick Value Services

Quick Value Services

Jumpstart capabilities & gain early ROI

The Value

Often, it’s a critical, data-related, business issue that drives first-timers searching for a quick, viable solution on our website. Our Quick Value Services quickly get the job done while giving you first-hand experience with Integress capabilities and the first round of your enterprise data strategy.

Data Monetization Proof-of-Concept

Realize initial value from your data.

Analytics Jumpstart

Get your first visualizations or BI insights.

Get to the Cloud: Data Repository

Take steps to modernize your data architecture.

Establish Data Warehouse Trust

Align your data assets with business needs.

Quick Value Services are typically a favorite of midsize organizations with little or no BI capability, and large organizations with one or more BI solutions, most outdated, deployed tactically and spread over business silos. Decision makers and buying influencers recognize their immediate need but hedge over selecting the right vendor to solve their problem. These Services minimize the risk and allow organizations to confidently proceed with a data-related project that just can’t wait any longer.

The Advantages

  • Quick win for decision maker looking to leverage data
  • Fast return on investment
  • Opportunity to evaluate the skill sets, methodologies, expertise and knowledge sharing of Integress professionals
  • Option to discuss a broader enterprise data strategy while a first solution is being delivered
  • Option to move on to full Data Evolution Services or Data Capabilities as a Service
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