New Revenue Streams

New Revenue Streams

Provide actionable insights as a service for your clients

Customers and partners will pay for the ability to make quick, informed decisions or otherwise benefit from data that they couldn’t get on their own.

This opens possibilities to create new revenue streams using data that your organization already collects and analyzes internally. Could it be sold to customers, either as dashboards or other forms of processed data feeds, giving you the recurring revenue of a subscription service? Could it be offered to customers as a value-add to one of your products or services with a one-time markup?

Could it be shared with partners in some form of reciprocal agreement that enriches the partnership or adds an incentive for attracting new partners? Could data collected and cleansed for an analytical data store be packaged and offered as a one-off purchase to third parties?

The value of your data beyond your enterprise isn’t always apparent, and usually must be packaged in some way. We help you to assess the types and views of data being analyzed internally for potential benefits of new revenue streams, what it would take to package properly, conduct predictive scenarios on market viability, and do the work if the idea is worth pursuing.

Data is all we do!

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    We help CxOs create, communicate and execute data strategies that align technology with business goals.
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    We leverage experience and solution accelerators across the entire data lifecycle with a deep pool of data management and analytics resources.
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    We help evolve your company’s data and analytic capabilities and mentor your users on how to make data-driven decisions.
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