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We are business-focused data enthusiast who help our clients turn their Cloud Data & Analytics Program into a profit center. Building and leveraging business and technology capabilities we help companies turn their data into a strategic asset to achieve critical business outcomes of improved profits, increased revenues, and competitive advantages.


Our core suite services are designed to help organizations accelerate their entire cloud data analytics journey. We understand that companies make better decisions with data. Our customized services are designed around most common use cases we have seen. Organizations looking to quickly get to actionable insights, those that need to plan out a more comprehensive data & analytics roadmap, or those that need to establish buy-in at the Executive level, we help organizations large and small find opportunities in their data and take advantage of those opportunities to make their business financially stronger, more customer-centric, and gain competitive advantage.

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Our customized process and solutions are focused on two core principles: an ability to rapidly begin an engagement and a focus on outcomes. Our Integress Invantage™ makes both a reality. With Integress, your data analytics journey doesn’t have to be an arduous one. Our customized process is built on speed and personalization. 

Integress Invantage™ A Process Built for Success

Often times, companies gain tremendous insights from their data but are unable to realize value that affects the top- or bottom-lines. To realize this value, it is critical to have a business-focused use case this is complemented with organizational process and system changes. 

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and insights through new thinking

The time has never been more urgent for companies to use their data to make better informed decisions. No matter what industry you are in there are both challenges and opportunities.  

  • How do you identify and prioritize expense reductions? 
  • How do you shore-up existing revenue streams and find new ones? 
  • How do you do all this without jeopardizing the long-term viability of the company?  

Those companies that master their data & analytics capabilities and the ability to turn insights into actions, will not only survive, but will create sustainable competitive advantages that few competitors will be able to match for a very, very long time.

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