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Data Initiatives Aligned To Business Outcomes

We are business-focused data technologists who help our clients turn their Cloud Data & Analytics Program into a profit center. Building and leveraging business and technology capabilities we help companies across the Philadelphia region turn their data into a strategic asset to achieve critical business outcomes of improved profits, increased revenues, and competitive advantages.

Building a partnership with our clients typically begins here, with our suite of core services designed to address an organization’s data needs at key inflection points in their data journey.  The following services address the most common needs we have seen – those looking to quickly get to actionable insights, those that need to plan out a more comprehensive data & analytics roadmap, or those that need to establish buy-in at the Executive level.

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Create Rapid Results

Accelerated Cloud & Data Analytics STRATEGY

Craft A Data-Driven Organization

Special Report: Accelerating data analytics
and insights through new thinking

The time has never been more urgent for companies to use their data to make better informed decisions. No matter what industry you are in there are both challenges and opportunities.  

  • How do you identify and prioritize expense reductions? 
  • How do you shore-up existing revenue streams and find new ones? 
  • How do you do all this without jeopardizing the long-term viability of the company?  

Those companies that master their data & analytics capabilities and the ability to turn insights into actions, will not only survive, but will create sustainable competitive advantages that few competitors will be able to match for a very, very long time.

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Business Outcomes

Often times, companies gain tremendous insights from their data but are unable to realize value that affects the top- or bottom-lines. To realize this value, it is critical to have a business-focused use case this is complemented with organizational process and system changes. 


$3M cost savings identified
in just 12 weeks​


$2M in increased revenue
identified in 10 weeks


Increased revenue and
customer centricity​


Increased revenue and
marketing effectiveness

Make Better, Quicker Business Decisions

Cloud Data Ecosystem: Scalable, cost-effective, and extensible architecture

  • IT as a Profit Center
  • Faster time to market with new capabilities at a reduced risk
  • Single version of the truth
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Support for multiple types and sources of data
  • Insulation from technology changes
  • Extensible best-of-breed technologies with low vendor lock-in

Realized Value from Data Assets: Accelerated time to faster, better data-driven decision making

  • IT as an strategic enabler to meeting strategic goals
  • Value-added services that leverage your data assets
  • Profitability and cost reduction analysis
  • Market and customer analytics
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), benchmarks and variances across everything
  • Decision-support embedded into workflows and processes

Cloud Data Ecosystem

The Cloud Data Ecosystem is allowing companies across every industry to turn their data into value.  We act as your guide through this very cluttered and confusing mix of tools, technologies and techniques. We are technology agnostic in the Cloud Data Ecosystem, but of course we have our favorites.

Cloud Eco System

Our leadership team

You want a team that has been there, done that.  Allow us to introduce you to ours.

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