$3M cost savings identified in just 12 weeks

A logistics company desired to reduce costs across their 3rd party transportation costs.  Leveraging our Quick-Start with Snowflake and Sigma service, we were able to rapidly combine data from multiple systems and create consolidated data sets and a single version of the truth within Snowflake. 

Through Data Analytics and Sigma, our client had the information needed to reevaluate all vendors to choose the optimal vendor per shipment.  Not only did our client have a foundational Cloud Data Architecture that could be leveraged for the next set of use cases, the Executive understood and bought into Data Analytics as a Strategy Asset that necessitated investment.

commercial insurance

$2M IN increaseD revenue identified
In 10 weeks

A large commercial insurance company desired to increase their retention rate by 2.5%.  For this project, we leveraged a combination of advanced analytics and process and system improvements.  For the technology piece, we leveraged Predictive Modeling to determine which customer where most likely going to attrite (aka leave). 

Combining this information with profitability per customer and risk guidelines, our client now had a list of those client that should be given special care and those that should not.

investment management

Increased revenue and customer centricity

A multi-national, multi-class asset manager desired to understand the health of their clients.  By leveraging our Accelerated Cloud Data & Analytics Strategy service, we were able to greatly reduce the time needed to craft a future-state Cloud Data Architecture and path to achieving their short- and long-term goals. 

Once the strategic roadmap was complete, we implemented a robust Cloud Data Ecosystem that enabled a Client 360 and insights that were not available before.  Through these increased insights, our client was able to increase the satisfaction of clients, resulting in a significant increase in Lifetime value.

Integress Business Outcomes



A large non-profit professional association desired to acquire more members by truly understanding their existing members.  For this project, we leveraged Cloud Data technologies to pull together numerous data sources from across SaaS, 3rd Party data providers, partners, Clickstream, GL, and transactional systems. 

With this large of information, we were able to leverage advanced analytics and predictive models to determine unique groupings of members, Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and most importantly what each group desired.  This information was connected with the marketing campaigns and lead sources to design and optimal positioning and marketing spend.

business outcomes
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