Candida Seasock

Strategic Advisor

Candida Seasock is an innovative, professional business advisor focused on strategic growth. While she has successfully assisted management teams ranging from Fortune 500 corporations to emerging growth companies, she is best known for her ability to build high-value market recognition for mid-size companies. She specializes in enabling client growth and management success through internal executive teams that support vision, innovation, change, finance, technology, and employee growth. She has developed her own award-winning approach based on targeted business development, strategic marketing, and fostering client relationships.

Ms. Seasock held positions as Partner, VP of Sales, CIO, and Controller in diverse corporate structures such as Deloitte, Grant Thornton International, and Unisys, as well as several mid-size companies from supply chain to manufacturing.

She received her BS degrees in both Information Technology and Accounting from Rutgers University.

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