Current openings

Join our team of IT strategists, data scientists, data architects, project leaders and mentors. Since 1998, we have offered limitless opportunities for growth and the ability to work with people who are passionate about data analytics.

Business Intelligence, Data Scientist

We’re hiring a Business Intelligence, Data Scientist with strong experience delivering analytics and insights from data leveraging Cloud tools and techniques. The ideal candidate will have extensive experience in analyzing data to meet business needs and visualizing insights to tell a story and achieve actionable results.  This candidate will also have experience creating predictive models and using Cloud Data Warehouses. Excellent problem-solving ability dealing with large volumes of data will round out the ideal candidate.

Cloud Data Engineer
(Full Time)

We are hiring Cloud Data Engineers with strong experience across the entire Cloud Data stack. The ideal candidate will have extensive experience in data pipelines (ELT/ETL), data warehousing and dimensional modeling, and curation of data sets for Data Scientists and Business Intelligence users. This candidate will also have excellent problem-solving ability dealing with large volumes of data.

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