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Cloud Analytics Quick-Start

For companies that have identified an opportunity and are looking to quickly get actionable insights, the Cloud Analytics Quick Start  service is a good place to start.

This service leverages born-in-the-Cloud technologies to rapidly build out the environment in either AWS or Azure. Snowflake is at the center of the foundational Cloud data ecosystem.  The other technologies are usually a BI tool (such as Sigma) and an ELT tool (such as Matillion). 

Like any good data initiative, it is not all about building technical capabilities but also business capabilities. Our approach to this service is to select a use case with a Business sponsor.  This approach not only focuses on what data will be needed but brings the Business along in the company’s data-driven journey by ensuring alignment between business and data goals.

Example Fit-For-Purpose Quick-Start:

Quick Start With Snowflake

Craft A Data-Driven Organization


For companies that desire to plan out a more comprehensive data & analytics roadmap, the Accelerated Cloud Data & Analytics Strategy service would be best.  This service leverages years of experience in the Cloud Data Ecosystem to rapidly guide the company through the process of identifying which business and technical capabilities are needed in the future. 

Armed with this information, the future-state data & analytics architecture can be created and agreed upon and technologies selected.  From the business perspective, a roadmap of both business and technology capabilities will ensure alignment between business and data goals.

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