Integress CEO, Dave Taddei Leads Roundtable Discussion at SIM ELIT Philadelphia.

Integress is pleased to announce that our CEO Dave Taddei had the honor of being a guest speaker at SIM ELIT, a group of qualified CIO and CTO practitioners that come together to exchange information amongst IT professionals.

During this roundtable Dave’s primary goal was to focus on how to help get businesses excited about the journey into the Cloud, how to become successful with their Data Program and how to remain successful for years to come. “Accelerating Your Data Analytics Journey to the Cloud” is a hot topic in many organizations and most IT executives find themselves overwhelmed by the amount vendors, cloud providers, and potential use cases. The common themed question become, where do you even start?  And once you get started, how do you get the business engaged and excited enough to fund the next project?

As the discussion continued all participants could agree that Data is the Future, and the Future should be Fast. Data is being used as a change agent, more and more companies are on their data analytics journey and realizing the hidden value that lies opportunities for growth, valuable customer insights, and optimal areas of investment. In today’s world  technology is constantly evolving and we could all agree that data is a strategic asset that should be invested in.

At Integress we help accelerate our clients’ cloud analytics journey – no matter where they are in the process. We often find that companies are increasingly finding value from their data assets that have real impacts to the financial performance of their company. Often, the start and sustaining are the most difficult. Some of the major challenges includes knowing how to choose a fit-for-purpose technical analytics platform and supporting tools, how to get the business excited and engaged my aligning data initiatives to business goals, and how to prepare your organization for change.

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