Integress Named A Snowflake Select Partner

Integress is now one of a handful of Snowflake Select Partners!

I’m very proud of the Integress team for demonstrating leadership and expertise in the ever expanding and complex Cloud Data & Analytics Ecosystem.

I’m still astonished by the speed to insights we have been able to achieve with the Snowflake platform. Not only is their platform a remarkable Data Warehouse, but they have many unique features that are driving more and more clients to decide to go with Snowflake. Take for instance Secure Data Sharing. This feature is unique to Snowflake and allows our clients to securely and instantaneous share data with their customers, vendors and partners.

Most importantly, our clients are able to accelerate their realization of value from their data assets. Insights without actions any meaningless. IT departments are now becoming an internal profit center. Imagine what can be achieved by treating data as a strategic asset that is considered an investment by the C-Suite!

Since Integress focuses on the Cloud Data & Analytics Ecosystem, our deep expertise helps our clients rapidly build their new technical data capabilities while accelerating time to actionable insights and results from their data assets.

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