Transportation and Logistics

Leveraging data to connect roadways to the cloud.

Data-driven takes on new meaning when it comes to empowering our clients to leverage their data as a strategic asset. Together we unlock opportunities to enhance customer experience as well as identifying cost-savings and other key operational efficiencies.

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last mile agent cost optimization

The last mile is the only mile that matters to your clients, but it is just one step in a series of critical decisions that determine performance and profitability. 
At Integress we help companies create a baseline and then collect and test myriad optimization scenarios to come up with a routing guide that automates routing assignments, identifies cost anomalies, and ensures optimal performance within the delivery chain.  Plus we prove the process with our exclusive savings tracker that makes clear the benefits to the bottom line.

ground power lane optimization

Power lanes can bring much-needed predictability to your operations making identifying and optimizing them a top priority for companies managing growth. 
At Integress we leverage Snowflake’s cloud data platform to rapidly process millions of data points, from FTL vs LTL to availability of 3rd party agents, then utilize Tableau’s visual analytics platform to produce heat maps that provide clarity on the necessity and ideal locations.

ground network operation

Ground sort facilities serve critical logistical purposes, increasing operational efficiencies and streamlining time to delivery.  Effectively determining the most strategic location for these hubs must take into account both the historical and potential demand freight traffic as well as variability in SLAs. 
At Integress we leverage the power of Snowflakes Cloud Data Platform and T
ableau’s visual analytics platform to produce heat maps that provide clarity on the question of power lanes vs. sort facilities, as well as the ideal locations for new facilities.

package visibility/ customer portal

Simply put, visibility is everything. Today’s customers expect seamless access to real-time tracking and predictive estimated arrival data on their in-transit packages. Internal teams need this data as well to make key operational decisions on future bookings as well as identifying and managing expectations and costs. 
At Integress we leverage Snowflake’s Data Cloud Platform and Tableau’s Visual Analytics Platform to provide visibility and transparency throughout the shipping process.  We build custom dashboards that securely deliver appropriate data to multiple constituencies, ensuring clarity in communication and expectations.

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