Integress Launches New Service: Quick-Start for Snowflake

Integress’ new Data Analytics service: Quick-start with Snowflake – Achieve rapid implementation, rapid insights, and rapid results.

In the Data Analytics space, we are seeing several challenges that are preventing companies from leveraging their data assets to realize cost savings, increase revenues and other critical business outcomes.

To address these challenges, we are very excited to announce the launch of our new service that helps our clients turn their data into a strategic asset and profit center!

Quick Start with Snowflake Service:
This service enables companies to achieve rapid insights leading to rapid results with the data they already have. Leveraging Snowflake (as the Data Warehouse) in AWS or Azure, along with Sigma (as the BI tool), we focus on proving value while establishing a minimum viable product (MVP) Cloud Data Ecosystem.

This ten (10) week service creates a foundational Cloud Data Architecture and addresses a critical business use case. Typical use cases focus on cost-savings (as one client did for a potential savings of $1M+), increased revenues, competitive advantages, or customer centricity benefits.

Please reach out if you would like to learn more..

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